Smart Board Tips

I have been teaching with a Smart board for 8 years now and have gathered some tips. I use SMART brand boards; however I am sure these tips are similar for most brands.

There is a great tool that will snap a picture of the screen and put it into the note book program. It looks like a camera on the SMART software. The tool allows you to snap the whole screen, snap a rectangle of the screen or free select any shape. I have not found much use for this till the past few years. The new text book series that have been coming out have online text books to go with the teacher text. I use snap tool along with the zoom feature to highlight objectives, examples, vocabulary, pictures and diagrams. I just snap what I want into my notebook and add my own notes to it. I have tried it out with the new Tech book from Discovery and that works as well to.

My second tip involves how the notes are saved. I use Dropbox on my computer. I save the notes for each class period into a folder labeled with the class name. I share the folder link with my students and they can view the notes on any of the school computers. I collect a month’s worth of notes and print them all to PDF for the students to study from at home where they don’t have the notebook software.

My third tip has to do with how one manages the space of the board. I have one of the first SMART boards which is about the size of a portable white board. I needed to learn to optimize the size I was given. I will often group writing together and shrink it to the outer edges. This way I can pull that information back into the class discussion at anytime by resizing it in the center again. I also clone pages. This is especially useful when I teach multiple sections of the same class. I create problems for students to work on I clone a copy for each section. I also clone a page that I am working a solution out on to show the steps of the solution for the students who download the pages later.

Post your tips to this blog. I would love to learn from you.


*The sketch of me is by Oliver Richards a student of mine…Thanks Oliver


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