Creative, Entrepreneurial, and Global: 21st Century Education

“Creative, Entrepreneurial, and Global: 21st Century Education”


As I was gearing up for the 2012 MassCUE Conference  (Massachusetts Computer Using Educators) held last week, I was reminded of last year’s keynote presentation that truly had an impact on me. Yong Zhao is a University Distinguished Professor at the College of Education, Michigan State University, where he serves as the founding director of the U.S.–China Center for Research on Educational Excellence and the Center for Teaching and Technology. I’ve actually had the privilege of hearing Yong Zhao speak twice. In addition to the 2011 MassCUE Conference, he also spoke at the Massachusetts New Literacies Institute for which I was honored to be a ‘teacher leader’ during the year-long project. Both times I left feeling a little more uplifted.


Zhao challenges the path our country is taking with standardized curriculum and high stakes testing. He feels that placing a lesser priority on the arts, sciences, humanities and individuality is moving our country and educational system in the wrong direction. The implications of globalization and technology on education are to be taken seriously and the focus we’re taking has Zhao very concerned.


Zhao also serves as Executive Director of the Confucius Institute, was born and raised in China, teaching English before coming to the United States in the early 1990s. He lives in Okemos, Michigan, with his wife and two children.



Watch this 10 minute video. Then check out Zhao’s website and bio. I think his thoughts on the classroom ‘talent show’ will make you smile.  I personally find him fascinating, refreshing, and affirming!  What are your feelings about this topic?

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