Hey Canadian STARs, We’ve Had Some Issues

One of my goals as Canadian Community Manager has been to increase the number of DEN STARs in Canada. When I began the job in the beginning of January there were about 60 stars. Over the first few months that number increased to 80+. I’m not about to take credit for that that but the simple fact that I was able to focus on awareness allowed me to get the word out to more folks than had previously been the case.

That number however hasn’t changed much since spring. I finally figured out why.

Over the course of a few months, our IT team worked very had to set up servers in Canada and change the Canadian access from discoveryeducation.com to discoveryeducation.ca without going into all the technical aspects, let’s just say this way easier said than done when you’re dealing with as much content, data and databases that we manage.

There were and in some small cases, still are some growing pains with this move but things are coming along. Specifically with regard to the DEN and the STAR process, the system we had was not moving applications and event reporting to the proper places and thus a wack sack of folks were not getting processed. But this issue is now nearly resolved. Thanks to the efforts of Chad Lehman and our IT team, we should be all up and running shortly. I’ve had a peek at the applications that are in the queue and if they are all processed, should increase our STARs by about another 50. Which is awesome.

The STARs represent those Discovery Educator Network members, of which every teacher subscribing to Discovery Streaming, is already part of, who are most active and doing extra to support their local teachers as well as connecting to the larger community. That was a really awkward sentence so instead of trying to explain this STAR thing more, maybe check out our website. Feel free to point others there as well.

So that last thing is, if you’re not a STAR, but would like to be, what’s the problem? Let me know what I can do to help.



  1. Sarah Thompson said:

    A huge THANKS to Chad and the IT team for sorting out my event reporting and blog! They were supportive and patient throughout the process. Thank you!

  2. Kathy Cassidy said:

    Well, this explains the emails I kept getting last year that said I hadn’t reported my events yet. Good to know I’m really not senile–yet.

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