DEN STAR Ben Rimes & K12 Online Conference

Ben Rimes was another DEN STAR sharing his knowledge with others during the K12 Online Conference. Here’s the presentation description from the conference website:

Presentation Description: Traditional story problems are dull. They’re usually disconnected from real world scenarios and learner’s experiences, and are presented in an artificial manner. Through the use of video, students and teachers can capture genuine moments of curiosity and real world examples for use in the classroom.

Enjoy Ben’s presentation below.


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  1. Ben said:

    Ah, so you caught that, did you? Awesome, thanks for sharing! I always want to share more student examples when I do that presentation. I’m hoping that I can get a few more classrooms and students interested in creating these videos. It might be cool to actually be able to create a “Khan-like” video collection, only one that has greater relevance to students’ lives and is completely learner created.

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