And the Winner Is…

Last night’s election capped a season of intense political campaigning that culminated in four more years for our sitting President, Barack Obama.  While I was surprised that a winner was declared before I went to sleep, I couldn’t quite manage to stay awake to hear the acceptance and concession speeches.  My 5th grader also wanted to be an active participant in the night’s activities, as he had discussed the Electoral College in school and wanted to try to understand it better.  (Don’t we all!)  He was sent to bed long before the night’s results were tallied.

Luckily, Discovery Education’s resources are night owls and worked to put together some valuable content that summarized the evening’s highlights, including the final tally of electoral votes and key outcomes of Senate and House races that helped maintain the existing balance of power in Congress. Tune in to Election 2012:  Week 11 to see for yourself and check out all the valuable election resources contained within Discovery Education.