A Quick Screencast

I was great to see the last DEN newsletter feature 12 new Canadian STARs. Thanks to Chad and team for getting our technical issues sorted out.

As I travel around and get to know the many educators across Canada using Discovery, it’s certainly evident how many fantastic, passionate teachers are out there. When I consider how many more should actually be STARs and great an opportunity and benefit it is, I often scratch my head wondering how to help people make that first simple step.

The resource we developed earlier this year What is the DEN? is a straightforward way of explaining most aspects of the community. Even if you’re already a STAR, I’d encourage you to point others this way as well take a look at Ginny’s Events in Box page for great ideas for growing the local community and maintaining your STAR status.

Still, we know that sometimes simply having information available doesn’t always mean people will respond or even fully understand. That’s an ongoing communication problem. Those with a great message need to continue to find ways to tell their story and share their ideas. We have the tools and means so we keep exploring new ways to connect.

Today I got asked how does one become a STAR? Instead of just pointing them to a link, I decided to create a 3 minute screencast. Yes, some of these ideas exist elsewhere but this is a personal way of communicating the idea differently. You can use this one or make your own or find other ways to break down the barriers of entry to the DEN. We don’t have big ones to overcome but every little way we can make it easier for folks matters.