S.O.S: Where in the World

Welcome to week 6 of our Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our new S.O.S series to provide help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum.

Where in the World
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When we can’t take our children around the world, we need to find creative ways to bring the world to them!  Found in the “Teacher Center” Discovery Education’s “Interactive Atlas” allows students and educators to select countries from around the globe, zoom in, and find resources about that specific country’s culture, government, history, and natural world. Using the Atlas provides wonderful “Just in Time”  teaching opportunities for students to explore what’s going on in the world around them.

The next round of summer olympic games of 2016 will occur in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Though it seems like it’s years away, teams are gathering now to begin preparing for the ceremonies.

  • Have students identify on the Interactive Map where Brazil is located.
  • Ask students what they know and wonder about Brazil.
  • Select a video from the ‘culture’ section and as students watch have them think about and predict how components of their rich culture will be blended into the opening and closing ceremonies.


  • Have students watch the evening news or search the newspaper for an event occurring outside their country.
  • Discuss how the countries culture, government, history, or natural world plays an important component.
  • Have students find the country within the Interactive Atlas.
  • Ask students what countries are in the surrounding area and to predict whether or not they believe that event will make an impact.
  • Based on discussions, select a video from the Atlas to watch and discuss.

Have students create their own interactive map using Google Maps.  Click here for step-by-step instructions: http://tinyurl.com/DEgooglemaps

You can take the challenge by:

  • Implementing this strategy and letting us know how it went by posting a comment below.
  • Using this strategies in your grade level planning discussions and/or professional development and reporting your events. (Remember we consider an event anytime 3 or more educators gather together… doesn’t have to be in a computer lab… could be sitting around the lunch table)
  • Photocopying the flier and distributing it in your colleague’s boxes and/or posting it to your own BulleDEN board.

For more information on how we are shining the light on digital integration through this weekly blog series click here.  So see other strategies in this series click here.


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