Matt’s Media Tips 11-13-2012

When I was growing up math was the one subject that could always make me break out into a panic induced sweat.  I learned math through rote and repetition and struggled to find the relevance.  I used to be petrified of the day when my son or daughter asked me to help them with their math homework because that’s the day they would find out that dad’s not as smart as he was pretending to be.  

But today I see a completely different way of engaging the students like the me of the past.  Access to digital media like interactive games, videos and songs help to differentiate instruction to learners like me and make math relevant.

To celebrate this magic, this week is dedicated to making math a not-so-scary subject, engaging and meaningful.

This week we’ll explore how to make math magic happen with media. We’ll examine songs, manipulatives, and highlight an amazing math educator and his work. We’ll also check out a free mobile math app and webinars. Please enjoy and share.  Here is the direct link:



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  1. Tom McLaughlin said:

    Matt I am so happy to hear your perspective about math and memorization. I have been teaching Math for
    17 years and I know the struggle well. I fight each day against the questions ” which type of problem is this?” , ” can you just do a few more examples of the same problem ” and “why didn’t you teach us how to do this problem”. Students need to memorize the rules of math not the problems of math.

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