Tomorrow belongs to those that can collaborate and create in concert

I really believe that tomorrow belongs to those that can collaborate and create in concert.

I don’t believe that for an effective collaboration to exist that everyone will have the same high level of commitment to every decision or action.  Yet, I do believe that as people work together there are times when a individual will hold a high commitment to an idea and there will be other times when the same individual will hold a medium or low commitment to an idea.  In all of those situations this individual can be part of an effective collaboration.

For a collaboration to exists, it is my experience, that there needs to be enough people with high commitment and few or none in the group in disagreement at a level where they would want to “block” the idea – then a consensus has formed.

As people work together and build new consensus ideas, it is likely that any individual will play different roles in the support of the new consensus ideas.

For my experience, ideas that are strongly supported by over 65% of the people are ideas that can be considered to be a reasonable consensus.   And again, as long as members of the group are not going to block the implementation of the idea, the idea can move forward and come to life.

Over the last 45 yours I’ve been involved with groups that have used a “fist to five” approach to checking for consensus.  What you see below is a description of what a “fist of five” approach might look like.  In the example below, the zero or the “fist” is not set to be a “block”.  If you want to uses same concept and have the zero be a “block”, that would be more than acceptable as well.

For a strong consensus to be formed at least 65% of the group would need to be a “4” or a “5”.  And there would need to be some, maybe 20% to 30% as “3’s”.

I strongly believe that today’s and tomorrow’s challenges are and will be complex and thus will require people who can and will think interdependently.  And that tomorrow will belong to those that can collaborate and create in concert.


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