Curiosity in the Classroom Webinar Archives Available

We’re pretty sure that you know about all of the free resources and tools Discovery Education provides to engage your students.  In case you haven’t, we’ve presented on these tools and have archives available for watching here.

Last week we finished a 2-part series of virtual events, one aimed for educators and one for students, to support the Curiosity in the Classroom program. In case you missed it click here and scroll down to the Webinars section to view the archives.


10 Tips for Inspiring Curiosity – a Webinar for Teachers

The first webinar was a professional development session for educators looking to find ways to use digital content and tools to inspire curiosity in the classroom.  We reviewed content on the Curiosity in the Classroom website and looked at tools like Guess the Wordle, A Google a Day, Infographics, and more.  Watch it here (scroll down to the “Webinar” section).

Presentation here:


Game-On! A Webinar for Students

Last week’s webinar was classroom-focused and included 10th grade game designer Robert Nay, named one of the top kid entrepreneurs to watch. Robert’s Bubble Ball game ousted Angry Birds in 2011 as the top free game in the App Store.  Student had the opportunity to interact with Robert as he shared his story. If you didn’t get to see it, you can still share the recording with your students by going here (scroll down to the “Webinar” section).

And, if you like these resources and are looking for otherways to get involved with the Curiosity in the Classroom program, don’t forget that you have until December 6th to enter once a day in the Catch Me Being Curious Family Sweepstakes.





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