Sometimes, it’s just too much fun

I feel guilty that I get to have this much fun and get paid for it.

Wednesday Discovery Education Canada partnered with the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and hosted a pre-conference event for the ATLE event in Edmonton, Alberta. To set the stage for the conference we send out this little preview video:

I was proud to have Hall come to Canada and Darren, as a DEN STAr from Winnipeg join me. As Community Manager for Canada, I felt a bit like I was showing off my cool friends to others.

So with Hall and Darren as presenters we were in great shape. Hall kicked off the day with a keynote. By default Hall is going to bring an energy and excitement to any event and this was no exception. He concluded by making me lie down to demo his Seismograph app.


Darren, Hall and I all did 2 workshop session and our materials are all online.

Darren: Telling Photo Tales
Hall: Making Mobile Meaningful
Dean: Way More Than Video

After our sessions we held a panel discussion with Alberta educators to discuss relevant, local issues. It was great to give voice to participants and focus in on specific concerns and initiatives.

The energy and excitement remained and of course concluded with a good old fashion smackdown. This actually became a bit of a collaborative time as participants added their own tools and apps and shared a number of them both on the doc and live.

It’s difficult to compete with Hall and his bag full of stuff. All I know is at one point I was blown up.



We’d love to do more of these kinds of events so if you’re interested, let me know.



  1. Gordon Marshall said:

    It was a great day! I even gave up one of my holidays to attend. It was very worthwhile. Thanks again!

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