DEN Virt Con – Getting Organized in Idaho with Porter Palmer

Porter Palmer shared some awesome tips with us this morning, at the Den Virt Con!

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” Henry Ford  –

Go to Free Teacher/Learner Resources on the home page of

– All are available before you log in! This will be great to share with others that do not have access to Discovery Education, yet.

  • Lesson Plans – You can sort by grade levels, and subject areas
  • Webinars

Next, we toured the many resources to be a “curator” of the resources that we find. will be the “curator” tool that I incorporate more. I plan on using Scoopit, for articles and other documents that I find online. or are bookmark tools that look beneficial for sorting website URLs.

A note-taking tool that will link to a variety of platforms is

Porter challenged us to throw out resources, or “clean out our tackle box” when we are not using them.

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