Reflections from DEN Virt Con 2012 in Star, Idaho

Educators in Star, Idaho enjoyed an incredible day of learning at the 2012 DEN Virt Con! Thank you to Dennis Grice for reminding us to keep our spark for learning! We were reminded to be aware of fire extinguishers within our practice.

What is a spark? A tool, a website, something that makes you want to spend a lot of time learning about this.


Quotes from Dennis that sparked some truth for us!

“If teaching isn’t fun, you aren’t doing it right.”

“You can tell that a teacher is sparking because they smile a lot.”


Watch out for fire extinguishers!

Fire Extinguishers No. 1 “My textbook is my curriculum.” Good teachers know that it is not about the book it is about the content. The book is just one resource. Find something that makes you spark to use!


Fire Extinguisher Number 2 – You don’t have to know the tool before you use the tool! Set the content requirements, make a rubric based on the content, not the technology and let the kids use the tools that work.


Fire Extinguisher No. 3 – “If at first you don’t proceed, give up.” How can we deal with failure? What if we use the failure as an opportunity to model to your students how this can be turned into a learning experience?


Keep the fire going! It is important to be able to share your success! How might we make time to share what we are doing with other educators?