Introducing Career Connections

Our past blog posts about Adobe Youth Voices, (see our October and September posts) focus on how integrating AYV’s media-making resources into the classroom can inspire creativity and support youth engagement.  This month, we’re going to shift gears and take a first-hand look at how the program inspires students to consider futures in digital media.

As part of Career Connections, AYV’s new college and career initiative, a student alumnus and an educator shared how they have seen the program motivate and shape career paths.  Check out highlights from their interviews below.


Meet Adobe Youth Voices Alumnus Adam Kennedy:

Adobe Youth Voices alumnus Adam Kennedy has come a long way since his student media-making days at Balboa High School’s CAST Academy in San Francisco. Now he is part of a professional creative team at 12 FPS, a video production company.

 What’s special about the opportunities a young person can have creating media in a program like Adobe Youth Voices?

Adobe Youth Voices provides the community, the toolbox, and a global audience for young artists to begin their journeys as media makers. It does more than just provide the technical knowledge to perform different tasks but helps to create an infrastructure for how to think critically as a storyteller and as a listener. As much as I’d like to owe my growth and success to myself, I owe a lot to the dedication and reach of AYV as a force of communication, awareness and change on behalf of all the individuals who may not otherwise have an opportunity to engage in this experience. I am humbled to see the connections that people make during the summit events and the ties that it creates that cross cultural boundaries and lingual obstacles–confirming to me that I am a part of something bigger than myself that cannot be stopped.


Meet Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educator Jeff Larson:

For over six years, Jeff has been a part of Balboa High School’s CAST Academy, helping young people explore and prepare for careers in the media and technical arts.

What do youth learn through participating in AYV? 

Youth learn a great deal through their participation in AYV. They learn to be problem solvers on many levels. They think about social problems or issues they want to solve and come up with answers. They think about and learn how to communicate effectively through the media they make, and with each other in planning and production. Through the projects, they learn how to plan, and organize time, materials, and ideas. For many, it is their first time learning to work with media and technology. In the production process of video and animation they can learn a great deal about the skills, roles, and responsibilities of directors, writers, editors, and designers. They learn that mistakes are just an everyday occurrence and that each one is a learning opportunity.

 What careers do AYV experiences help prepare youth for? 

There are so many careers that AYV experiences can prepare youth for. Some of them are the more obvious ones like video production, animation, and graphic design, but there is also audio production, broadcast communications, journalism, computer games, app development, business planning, advertising, programming, architecture, industrial design, advocacy work, and political science.  I think that AYV experiences can often be the first steps on paths that students and youth may never have even considered or seen as an option. The great thing about that path is that it just keeps unfolding and revealing more.


To learn more about Adam’s and Jeff’s experiences with AYV, read their complete interviews at


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