My #DENthanks by Jeannine Shields

Here’s another #DENthanks story that has been submitted.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll find info about giving your own #DENthanks and sharing your story.


First, I would like to send #DENthanks to Ronique Hicks. She provided professional to our school district. At her closing she did a brief overview of the DEN. Her joy shined through as she discussed her participation. She encouraged us to sign up during the coming days. I signed up that night. The timing was amazing. Because of Ronique’s invite to the DEN, I was able to attend an amazing event with Hall Davidson in a small group of maybe 25 educators for fun and integration ideas. I had such fun that I was hooked. I offered to join the Leadership Council as a blogger. Fate had other ideas. Out of other necessities in the DEN, I became the events coordinator. Then I became a co-chair. Then I became a chair of the NYDENLC. I love many of my DEN friends the list is too long… just look at my Twitter or my Facebook. We aren’t just DEN friends. We are true friends. But my #DENthanks need to go to Ronique for originally inviting me to the DEN.


This is the time of year when people share things they are thankful for.  In the DEN, we are thankful for all of you – the fantastic educators who love to share, collaborate, and learn from each other.  Working with you over the years has been wonderful and the DEN wouldn’t be what it is without you.  There are over 5,000 STARs in the DEN and we know the community has grown over the years because people have been sharing with their colleagues and showing how great the community really is.

With that in mind, we’d love to hear your DEN story of thanks.  Is there a person who got you started with the DEN?  Did some of your colleagues drag you along and now you’ll never go back?  Is there a great story about how you became more involved?  It’s time to give a big THANKS to those that have helped you.

Post it to your blog, Tweet it #DENthanks, or just email the person. Then tell us about it.

We’ve created a brief form for you to use to give thanks and tell your #DENthanks story.  We’ll be sharing these on the DEN blogs and can’t wait to hear how so many wonderful educators got involved in the DEN.


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