It’s Not Just a Bunch of Blabber: Connecting Students, Content, Digital Media, and Web 2.0 throughDEN Connects

The Discovery Educator Network welcomes guest blogger and DEN STAR Ginni Rushing from Santa Rosa, FL.  Below, Ginni describes her students involvement in the DEN Connects Habitat Project.

Utilizing the various activities from DEN Connects has been a positive experience for my third graders!  They enjoyed the Digital Dives on habitats, even asking to watch the video links multiple times!  This provided them with  enough background information for each student to choose a type of habitat to further research.  Students then created a Blabberized project to share what they learned.  This was by far their favorite part!  We shared these via Skype with another DEN Connect classroom!  What I like about this program is how ALL students can find a way to shine while learning new information and working in a cooperative group!

Here are just a few quotes from my kids that describe the spark they gained through this experience:

  • “I loved that Blabberize so much that I went home and made 15 more! They are all about habitats!”  -Olivia Smith
  •  “It was a fun school project.”  -Abram Wilson
  •  “We worked really hard on the project and it turned out to be fun because we got to Blabberize it!”  -Macy Payne
  • “It was cool to use different animals and make them talk about their habitat!”  -Daisy Fontenot
  •  “We learned what the animals need for their life and how they can get it from their habitat.”  -Brian Hiltl
  • “It was more fun than just reading and writing about habitats.  We got to do this cool project and make the animals mouth move and talk too!” -Cameron Lange




Here’s one of the Blabberize Projects

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