More #DENthanks Stories

We’ve been sharing many great #DENthanks stories over the last week or so but have many more stories to share.  Here are several more from DEN members across the country.

From Traci Blazosky:

This is hard… there are so many fabulous people that get my DEN thanks. I’ve met lifelong friends through this amazing community. Of course my open arm, bear hug thanks go to Lance & Porter for their hard work and passion to continue to make the DEN such a collaborative, connected network. I also want to thank Jen Dorman and Matt Monjan. Jen used to be on the Discovery team and she inspired me to really get involved and use technology in meaningful ways with my students. Her willingness to share and her own DENthusiasm was contagious. Matt…our ‘PA go-to guy’ was extremely instrumental in my involvement with DEN as well. He always supported our (Pittsburgh) area events and welcomed Jan and I with open arms when we joined the PA team. 🙂

Dave Tchozewski gives his #DENthanks to Lance Rougeux and Porter Palmer

I’m a trailblazer in my district. I had not heard of the DEN program through any friends or colleagues. I saw the program on the website and decided to “jump in with both feet”. Talk about making the right decision. My involvement with the DEN has been absolutely fantastic.

If I were to give a “Thanks” it would have to go to Lance Rougeux and Porter Palmer. Three years ago they took a chance on me and selected me to go to the DEN Summer Institute at Bentley University near Boston. Their willingness to extend the invitation to me has changed what I do in my job. Without a doubt, my ongoing involvement with the DEN has been the most beneficial professional development of my career. The friendships, contacts, and projects that keep us connected have made not only my career, but my life, better.

Thanks Lance and Porter for pulling my name out of the hat!

Cathy Houchin gives her #DENthanks to Rita Mortenson

I first met Rita in Silver Springs. We connected because we both were from Wisconsin. She has been an inspiration to me. I can call or email her and bounce ideas. She is fully committed to the DEN and her enthusiasm is contagious. The DEN has completely changed the way I teach. I have been able to learn so many new ways to incorporate technology into my music class It also gives me the opportunity to share what I have learned with others. That is the most important part of the DEN. The sharing is priceless!

From Tracy Carpenter

A giant thank you to Selena Ward for welcoming me to the Maryland DEN and showing me the ropes. Forever grateful!

Eileen Malick gives her #DENthanks to Matt Monjan

I do not remember the name of the young woman in charge of our district but I remember how professional she was to offer to come over and personally help us in Hanover, VA with United Streaming and bring prizes… I won a 32 Mb flash drive and met Matt Monjan and became a DEN STAR, attended a summer institute, and since then have served happily in the DEN LC. Matt also went above and beyond in setting up people to talk to us when we visited Discovery HQ for creating educational videos about environmentally friendly buildings (LEEDs Platinum).



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