On Wisconsin!!

The DEN is about bringing educators together to network by creating common experiences. This past Saturday DEN members met in our state capitol, Madison to learn and share with each other.

Starting at the Capitol building, participants learned about the history of one of the most important buildings in our state. The beautiful holiday tree was decorated and many photography experiences abounded.

Next we toured The Overture Center, Madison’s community performance center. Touring both theaters, behind the scenes, and dressing rooms, we were able to see the inner parts and learn the history of a beautiful building. We even were able to listen to a performance of the historical organ playing holiday music from around the world.

Lastly sitting around the fireplace at Starbucks, we shared ways that we are using Discovery Education products in our classroom.

Here are links to prior posts of ways to integrate DE into classroom practice:
1. Use a modified KWL chart and DE as one tool for research

2. Using resources from DE and green screening

3. Music videos using songs and videos from DE

How do you use DE? Please share your ideas. The power of the DEN is sharing what you do with other educators.


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    What a great event! So sad I couldn’t join you. Thanks for sharing! Next best thing to being there!

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