Even More #DENthanks Stories

Here are several more stories of #DENthanks.  If you’ve missed any of the previous stories, you can find them here.

From Kevin Bushman:

My thanks is a little different. I’m the district’s Tech Trainer overseeing the implementation of Schoolnet as a pilot for the state. Because it’s new (Schoolnet) there is not much “meat on the bones” so to speak…no data. So, the thing that’s gotten teachers excited and motivated to use Schoolnet is Discovery which our state decided to bundle as one of the resources in Schoolnet. Looking at starting a new Learning Management System can be daunting but having Discovery to use to excite teachers has been a HUGE plus for me. Discovery has been my saving grace, so in the spirit of giving thanks for that grace…I just want to say thanks to my Discovery trainers and to the Discovery Network for helping me this year.

Mark Perlman gives his #DENthanks to Tracy McGrath

Tracey was the push to get me into the DEN. Her (then) school was one of my signed schools. She made me assist her at a DEN training and now I have attended Summer Institutes and am on PA LC. I got even with her, though: I convinced her to join our department in support of more teachers and students than just one! We have presented together, attended Summer Institutes together, and work together on special projects. We have expanded our local DEN members to many, and still have fun!

Carol Stanley gives her #DENthanks to Whitney Mihoulides

We had a subscription for Discovery Education at our schools thanks to the efforts of our wonderful media specialists. However, it was vastly underused. In March of 2010, I was privileged to attend the Celebration of Teaching and Learning in New York City. I was attending a session on using Windows Movie Maker to enhance classroom projects, and the presenter was showing how teachers could download videos from DE to adapt for their own purposes – such as having students add a narrative. It was there that I met Whitney. She was such a warm and encouraging individual, and when I told her that we had DE but only knew of a few teachers using it, she encouraged me to become a DEN star and to start spreading the word in my district. The rest, as they say, is history. She introduced me to DEN Day of Discovery conferences as well as many othe aspects of the DEN. I learned from one of her sessions that all of our students could have their own accounts and be able to pursue independent learning as well as teacher-directed. Needless to say, I took that back to my district, and by the fall of 2010, with the help of our district administrator, all student could access their Discovery accounts from home and school. Our science teachers embraced the middle-school science resources and started building all their assessments around them. Many teachers found the ability to set up classes and deliver content to their students very exciting. As for me, I went on to become a member of the Connecticut Leadership Council. I love being part of the DEN and sharing with and learning from others. Oh, my thanks also go out to Steve Dembo. He’s a great cheerleader for all of us. Porter Palmer, too. But, if it hadn’t been for Whitney’s warm and welcoming ways, none of this might have happened.

Cindy Dunagan gives her #DENthanks to Matt Monjan & Allison Bakken

I first met Matt when he presented at a Day of Discovery. Matt has also come to our school. He has a quiet nature but always asks questions to learn about others. He celebrates successes, making even a small contribution feel like a huge accomplishment. I appreciate his DENthusiasm.

I met Allison at DENSI 2012. She went out of her way to shuttle me and MANY others from the airport to the dorms. She is so kind and thoughtful, thinking of others throughout the conference. It was through her that I first realized the spirit of the DEN.  Allison is wonderful.




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