Mousey Monday

Happy Mousey Monday, Cache and Cookie readers! Every media outlet has been buzzing about the lottery. Have you bought your lottery ticket yet? The idea of winning any prize brings positive thoughts and good feelings. Why not encourage your students to enter a few contests and sweepstakes for a chance to win some great prizes? The difference between Discovery Education featured programs and sweepstakes and the lottery is that Discovery Education has some type of educational component in the program or sweepstake itself or the prize.


Teachers can access all of our featured programs and sweepstakes here:


The programs and sweepstakes are categorized by the following topics:



The programs and sweepstakes have a brief summary along with the appropriate grade levels for the contestants. If teachers decide to research further, they can click any of the links.












Teachers researching further into this particular sweepstake would be brought to this site:

















There is a large breadth of programs and sweepstakes for you to explore. Cache and Cookies and Mousey wish you all the best of luck in winning! If you have any questions or comments about any of these programs or sweepstakes, please feel free to tweet us at @DESupportStars with hashtag #mouseymondays! Happy Mousey Monday everyone!


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