Did You Know? – iPads in Education

DEN members love to collaborate.  This was clearly evident when DEN members participated in our DEN Goes Viral project.  This project, which is explained in more detail here, involved members learning together about a particular topic,.  At the conclusion of the discussions, the group would share out what they learned.  For this project, the group would share what they’ve learned by creating a Did You Know? style video, made famous by Dr. Scott Mcleod and Karl Fisch.

One of the groups focused their learning on iPads in Education.  They shared their ideas and had discussions in Edmodo, which served as the main vehicle of communication.  This particular group, let by Christelle Patselas, did a great job and came up with the facts for the video below.  Tom McLaughlin was the team member who put the video together.  They did an outstanding job and I’m so proud of the work the group did.

A few group members and I got together on a Google Hangout to discuss the project, how things went, and how it could be replicated.  We had some audio and video technical difficulties at times, but if you want to listen to the entire conversation, feel free.  For those who don’t, here are just a few of the highlights.

Why did you choose that topic? Christelle:  I wanted to learn more about iPads because my school went 1:1 in their 6th grade and there are center in the kindergarten and first grade rooms.  This would be a great topic to learn from others.

How did you get the discussion going?  Christelle: We used Edmodo for everything. We had a lot of people sending in ideas.  Tom: Christelle set up the discussion as an assignment in Edmodo and that worked well.

What were some of the things that made this project tricky?  Christelle: Not seeing each other, we didn’t really have the conversation, only small conversations in Edmodo.  The hard part was not having one session to talk.

Who put the video together?  Tom.  What app was used?  Avid (Studio) was the app.  (Note: This app is no longer available, but has been rebranded at Pinnacle Studio.)

What tip would you give others who were trying this?  Christelle: Find a topic that a lot of people are interested in.  I learned a lot from the other people.  Tom: A longer deadline.


Here is the finished video – Did You Know? iPads in Education