Behind the Scenes of the Did you Know iPad edition

Yes the last line of the video is 100% true.  The whole Did You Know Video was made on an iPad.  So how did I do it?

Well it all started in a post from Chad Lehman about the DEN goes Viral Project.   I was immediately excited to join the group.  I became part of the iPad’s in education group.  We started by posting our experiences with iPads in the classroom on the edmodo group.  Then our group leader Christelle Patselas (also a DEN star ) put out an assignment for us to list some information in a Did you Know format.(which came from Scott Mcleod‘s Did You Know Video).  I volunteered to put the video together.  I have a first generation iPad and I thought it would be fun to use an iPad to make a video on how useful an iPad was in education.  The app I choose to use was Avid.  Unfortunately you can no longer get this app for an iPad one.  You can only get the new and improved version called Pinnacle Studio and the lowest version of iPad it works on is iPad2.  Lucky for me I bought Avid before it went away.  I just started adding in the information we found into the video using different transitions and clips.    I also wanted some video of the actual iPad screen so I used an app called Disp Recorder.  This allows me to record screen and save it to my photos.  I then used Avid again to import the video clip into the movie.  Now to tell the truth there is one small section where I kinda cheated.  In order to get the clip from Apollo I played the audio on my iPhone and recorded it into my iPad with an app called Explain Everything while that app was showing the images of the Apollo computer and rocket .  I then exported that to the photo library and imported it into Avid. The audio track in the background was also something I was able to do with Avid.  I purchased in iTunes an album called Instrumentals for TV Productinos, Podcasts, Movies, and Jingles Vol. 3  by Zillionaire Music copyright John David Thomas (You might recognize track 2 – I’m A Star Pop Rock Ballad from the video).  I was then able to import any track from the album into Avid to add to the video.   I rendered the video and uploaded it (from my iPad) using Dropbox.  The Dropbox app allowed me to share the URL and I posted it in Edmodo for the group to see.  I received several edits which I of course made.  I just repeated the process of edit, upload and share the link until we were all happy with the final product.


The information in the video with references

-Did you know Neil Patrick Harris is older than the internet …and so is everyone in their late 30’s.
-Did you know that the computer that allowed for navigation, guidance and control of spacecrafts in Apollo program weighted 77lbs had total memory of about 75 bytes and ran at 0.043 MHz and was $150,000 ($993,012 in 2012 value). That was in 1968 (1)
-Did you know one of the first portable computers ,Compaq II, weighted a very light 26lbs and ran at a lightning fast 8Mhz and an internal memory of 10MB , 640K RAM and was $5000 ($10,500 in 2012 value) (for the best one) and that was 17 years after apollo in 1986(2)
-Did you know the ipad 3 is 1.44 pounds(1.46 if you add 3G) and has an internal memory of 64GB , 1GB RAM and runs at 1 GHz and cost $829 (for the best one) and that was just 25 years after Compaq II. (3)
– This means the iPad is 53 times lighter, 23,256 times faster, has 14,316,557 times more memory, and is 1197 times cheaper then the computer that took Apollo to the moon.

Buyers of the iPad3 are more likely than ever to use it for work, according to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners(8)

Did you know sales of iPads now outstrip total sales of HP computers(4)

Did you know when iPad was first released in April of 2010 apple sold 3 million within 80 days(5)
Apple sold 600,000 iPad2s in its debut weekend.(6)
4.69 million iPads were sold in 90 days in 2011 (7)

There are 314.5 million people in the US(9)
Apple is expected to sell the 100 millionth iPad this year(10)

Over 25 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store since it first came online(4)

That is 3 apps for every man woman and child on the planet.

Did you know students are using iPads ?to take notes
including pictures, graphs charts, audio.

Did you know they can create HD movies

And edit

And publish to an audience the size of every one on the Internet or 2,267,233,742 people (11)

Did you know that iPads support STEM education.Many apps allow students to build bridges, design simple machines and construct contraptions that connect to concepts learned in science, technology, engineering and math classes.
Did you know that students can learn simple programming on an iPad? Using Codea students can make their own apps, like the programming challenge game Cargobot.


 Did you know that you can create a real interactive notebook/textbook with Albums FX? This app allows students to add unlimited amounts of text, pics, and even videos in a scrapbook format. Think Glogster but with unlimited pages. Albums can be shared or kept on the iPad on which they were created.
Did you know there are apps to enhance programs such as Handwriting without tears?  There is an apps to go along with it?
Did you know the iPad is a great way to help students with learning differences read and write at a rate that is more inline with the grade they are in, which make it easier for them to be mainstreamed into the regular classroom.
Did you know that the accessbility features of an iPad make it the perfect tool for helping students with low vision or poor reading fluency?
Did you know that you can download a font onto your iPad that will make it easier for students with dyslexia to read?
Did you know that iPads are great for teaching phonics?
Did you know that with the Reflection app your iPad can become a portable document camera? Students can pass around the iPad using the camera to share paperwork, journal entries, projects, problem solutions, experiments, etc. Whatever is on the iPad screen is shown on a computer screen and projected on a large screen if the computer is hooked up to a projector. Anything displayed on the iPad can be reflected this way; apps, videos, images, you name it!

Did you know college students can save per semester: $163.88 for renting, $355.13 for buying iBooks (12)

They can even write in them digitally, record audio notes, and cut out sections of them to include in their digital notebooks. ..try that on a ‘real’ text book and return it for resale at you local book store.

Did you know iPads are not just for adults, college students and the primary grades.

Fisher price makes a case with a teething ring(13)

Little tikes makes a whole line of educational iPad products including iTikes Discover Microscope, iTikes Canvas,iTikes Piano and iTikes Map(14)