Yet Even More Stories of #DENthanks

This post shares the last of the #DENthanks stories that were submitted.  If you still want to share your story, information on how to do that can be found at the bottom of this post.  If you’ve missed any of the previous stories, you can find them here.

From Conni Mulligan:

In 2005, the school district that I was working for had just purchased a program for our county called United Streaming and we were going to get some initial training on how to implement it with our teachers. Our trainer, Brad Fountain, came to work with us and gave us the DEN speech and how beneficial and worthwhile it would be to become a part of this group. I applied and began looking into the resources that were available to DEN Members. At this time, North and South Carolina were a combined DEN group and this puzzled me. So, the next time that I saw Brad I asked about why they were combined and not separate because, “North Carolina has lots of cool things going on to share with the rest of the world!” His reply, “Wanna start it?” I really didn’t know that this one question would take me on a journey of my own personal self-exploration and growth. Yeh, I was a quiet person if you can believe that one. At my first DEN Summer Institute we had to complete a project with no guidelines. What??? No limitations!!!! So I asked one of the other participants what they wanted and the response I received was, “Show us what you got!” What? Someone wanted me to be me and share what I knew how to do without any walls or pre-set parameters. Well, the rest they say is history. I have become a new and different person who doesn’t always wade in the water or sit on a blanket on the shore watching everyone else have fun. I have taken the plunge right off of the high dive and immersed myself into a world of support and love with a group of people that I honestly can call my friends and family. My abilities, knowledge, and most of all, my personal self-confidence has grown more than I would have ever fathomed. I have found the passion to be “ME” and share what I love with this most amazing group of people. (Yes, there are tears here!!) Without the DEN, I really don’t know if I would be the person I am now and would be able to tell all of you to truly “DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!” DENcitment is contagious and you never know when it will smack you in the face completely altering your life. Thank you to all of you!!!!

Ruth Manlandro gives her #DENthanks to the DEN Community

I started teaching in 2003 and used a hands-on approach in a school where that was unheard. I learned about United Streaming during one of my graduate level courses. I continued to use United Streaming and joined DEN in September 2005.
This is where I started to meet numerous other DEN educators and found that Hands-on was the way to teach. I am thankful for Danielle Abernethy for helping me become more involved in DEN and showing other teachers in the Diocese of St. Augustine how Discovery Education and DEN are great tools for teachers. Since then I have become involved in the Florida Leadership council and continue to meet DEN educators across the country. My Personal Learning Network now reaches far past the boundaries of my county and yes even my state. DEN is great for teachers of all disciplines and abilities to have a great PLN. Thank you DEN for helping me to become a better teacher and for all of the DEN friends that I have made over the years.

Sandy Dennis gives her #DENthanks to Tracy Carpenter

I got married in San Diego. Not in the literal sense, because I have a real husband and wonderful kids back home in Georgia. But I got married to my DEN wife Tracy when we met at DENSI, and she has inspired me and kept me motivated to give back to this glorious group called the DEN.  Through the amazing diversity and variety of DEN opportunities available freely to us all, one thing has remained: my admiration and respect for Tracy. I’ve only met a few people in my life to whom I feel a sisterly connection. Tracy is one of those people.
So thank you, Discovery Education, for leading me to Tracy.
And to Tracy, thanks for just being you.

Karen Ogen gives her #DENthanks to Andrea Rollison

I had just moved to South Carolina and I was already a DEN STAR, but I was not very active with the DEN community. My co-worker Andrea Rollison talked me into presenting at a DEN sponsored event and then proceeded to introduce me to Justin (who was then our regional rep) and every DEN STAR from South Carolina that was at the event as well. I also quickly got talked into being on the leadership committee. That was beginning of my relationship with my SC DEN family. Now, all of you in the DEN community are my colleagues and many of you are my friends, all thanks to Andrea Rollison.


Is there a person who got you started with the DEN?  Did some of your colleagues drag you along and now you’ll never go back?  Is there a great story about how you became more involved?  It’s time to give a big THANKS to those that have helped you.

Post it to your blog, Tweet it #DENthanks, or just email the person. Then tell us about it.

We’ve created a brief form for you to use to give thanks and tell your #DENthanks story.  We’ll be sharing these on the DEN blogs and can’t wait to hear how so many wonderful educators got involved in the DEN.




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