How Much Do You Know About the Common Core State Standards?

Currently, 46 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  The next question, though, is:  Now what?  As states and districts wrestle with the effective implementation of the CCSS, resources are being created daily.  In fact, a Google search of the words Common Core yields 159,000,000 results.  While not quite as popular as the Twilight Movie at 465,000,000 and the Presidential Election at 514,000,000, it still proves that there is a lot of interest around the CCSS.  We know that much of that interest is in the form of questions:  What do these Standards mean?  How do we implement them effectively?  How is this different from what we’re doing now?  Perhaps you are wondering how the Standards originated and even, what do they look like.  If so, check out the Common State Standards Initiative website at and attend one (or more) of Discovery Education’s Common Core Academies – two days of immersive professional learning opportunities that will provide you with an easy path to Common Core implementation.


For personalized and actionable CCSS professional development, attend one or more of the Discovery Education Common Core Academies in January 2013. Click here to learn more about each of our four Academies and sign up now for a special introductory price.


Questions about the Common Core or our Discovery Education Common Core Academies?

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