Welcome Idaho DEN members

Discovery Education is excited to have provided multiple opportunities for Idaho educators to participate in professional development this past Fall.  I’m sure many of you have begun to use some of the information and practices in your classrooms already.

Because every educator in Idaho is now a subscriber of Discovery Education, you are all members of the DEN — the Discovery Educator Network.  The DEN is a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking.  You also have the opportunity to become a DEN STAR.  To become a STAR, you only need to share twice a year something that you’ve learned or utilized with Discovery Education with a group of three or more educators.  I bet you’ve done that already!  You can begin the process by going here.

Idaho DEN members also have an active Leadership Council, who has already hosted their first local event!  Be sure to follow the blog and look for more information about events and information specific to Idaho.