Albuquerque Public School Instructional Coaches Set Sail

Using the implementation of Discovery Education as a metaphor to a voyage, DEN STAR, Susan Bowdoin, led a group of 28 instructional coaches from elementary and middle schools on a journey through the resources available to them through the Discovery Educator Network.

The group broke down several elements that are critical to a successful voyage:

  • Strong Crew: Participants learned about the amazing network of educators they have access to both within and outside their district boundaries through the DEN
  • Good Navigation Plan: Exploring resources such as the S.O.S. Strategies and creating their own BulleDEN board, provided these coaches materials they can take back to their educators to help them in successful integrating Discovery Education resources.
  • Survival Skills: Attendees spent time sharing tips and tricks they had learned through a variety of Discovery Education professional development sessions.

With only 2 hours, the Albuquerque Public School coaches, worked quickly through a What is the DEN Scavenger Hunt that showcased some of DEN’s greatest resources such as hearing from DEN STARs about our community, a DENfographic that demonstrates all the ways you can connect, steps involved in becoming a DEN STAR, Discovery Education’s YouTube channel, and Events in a Box so they can host their own events for their staff.  Following their hunt through resources, participants took a deep dive into DEN’s S.O.S. series to practice demonstrating simple ways to integrate digital media and how to download these tips and tricks to share with their colleagues. The session concluded with each coach creating their own BulleDEN board featuring all of these great resources in one location to share back with their staff.

Huge THANK YOU and the DEN finger to Susan Bowdoin for creating this fabulous template for any STAR to use in creating their own BulleDEN boards!

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  1. Susan Bowdoin said:

    Thanks for such a nice article, Jannita! We had a great time developing tools to help our teachers make the most of the DEN. I’d love to connect with others who have found other ways to encourage active participation and use of Discovery!

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