Matt’s Tips and Tricks 12-17-2012

This week I highlight nine gifts from the DEN Community including videos, resources, lesson plans and more. I also explore a free mobile app for notetaking and list the new year’s upcoming webinars.

Thank you to Lindsay Hopkin’s for your QR Code and Using Twitter To Summarize activities.  Thank you Nancy Sharoff for your Beat the Teacher idea and Susie Austin for your Digital Poetry Guides.  Thank you to Carleen Beard for sharing your Virtual Museum and Deborah Thonus for your Nine Finger Multiplication Trick.  Thank you Allison Shook for your Math Resources for Common Core Grades 6-8 and Ruth Manlandro for sharing your Washington D.C. Virtual Field Trip lesson plan and rubric. And finally thank you Max Brook for your dynamic Digital Classroom – It’s Everywhere! presentation. I provide links to all of their gifts to you below.

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