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The Discovery Education Support team would like to welcome Irina Divinsky to the team! I asked her to write a bit about herself so that the Cache and Cookies readers can get to know her.


I was born in Ukraine, and moved to America when I was 5 years old. As an Eastern European I do love playing in the snow, but complain more than I should in the cold. Although my favorite activity is snowboarding and I still dream of the day I can be a professional ski bum, I enjoy the summer months extremely. Traveling in the summer is a favorite pastime of mine–whether I’m checking out a local band on famed 6th street in Austin, TX, or eating fresh caught fish tacos on the beach in San Diego, CA, or four wheeling in Sandy Point, ID, I’m as content as can be. I love road trips and good company on them; although this summer I did drive from Maryland to Seattle and back by myself, stopping at friends’ places across America. It was one of the greatest experiences to see our beautiful country. Surprisingly, Montana and Wyoming were my favorite states, especially Yellowstone National Park. This place should be on everybody’s bucket list.

When I’m not road tripping or snowboarding and living on nutrition bars, I love to cook. Although my grandmother taught me to cook not so healthy, but very delicious meals, my brother and I have tweaked her recipes so that they can be enjoyed every day. Staying healthy and active is very important to me, especially since I am currently recovering from a car accident where my walking was affected. I’m also an advocate for going to your physical therapy when your doctor tells you, even if it feels like what you’re doing isn’t working right away, you will be grateful you did in the end.

I studied Kinesiology at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette and graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Sports Management. I have been fortunate to work for ESPN Radio and CBS Radio, getting a peek as a production assistant in the Morning Show world. It was extremely exciting and I got my first phone experience with strangers while interning for the Sports Junkies.  This is why no phone call will ever scare me; I was toughened up being their phone screener.

My other life passion is comedy; it’ll always make you laugh. I have even been brave enough to perform stand up a few times, and if you get me on the phone, I will probably crack a joke or two with you–after we resolve your issue of course! I have enjoyed my first few months tremendously here.  Our company is always feeding us at fun events, we get to meet TV stars and I get to help people every day, which feels great!


I’m no Oprah, but here are a few of my favorite things:

Favorite Pastimes – Going to NFL, NHL, NCAA football and basketball games. Throwing parties with friends and cooking/feeding people.

Favorite TV Show – Walking Dead– I’m obsessed, I’ve never felt this way about a show before.

Favorite Family Member – My French bulldog, Benny

Place I Would Love To Visit – Fiji

Favorite Charity – Lukes Wings


Welcome, Irina!


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