Techbook Live 2013

We are incredibly excited to announce TECHBOOK LIVE 2013.

Saturday, January 26th: 9am – 2pm ET

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Techbook LIVE focuses on providing participants with some of the most effective strategies for transforming their classes through the meaningful and effective integration of digital media content. Discovery Education’s Science and Social Studies Techbooks represent the next generation of technology enhanced curricular experiences. Using them as a launching point, the role of digital textbooks in schools throughout the curriculum will be explored through presentations, conversations and demonstrations that will have you reaching for your safety goggles and revolutionize the way you teach.


General Agenda (all times ET)
9 AM

Opening Session
Techbook and the Common Core
When we think about what we want our students to be, and be able to do, here are some of the things that are at the core. Demonstrate independence. Value evidence. Use technology and digital media effectively and strategically. Understand and respect other perspectives and cultures. All good things. But how do we get there? During this session we’ll explore seven indicators of what we want for our students and demonstrate a variety of strategies and resources that will help you get there.

Presenter: Lance Rougeux


10 AM

Embracing the Future, Today, with Science Techbook
Collier County, FL has been a leader in the use of Science Techbook in the classroom for the past several years. The district, teachers, and students have embraced the shift of science instruction to the digital Science Techbook. How did they do it? What does it look like in the classroom? This session will explore a classroom in Collier County and you will be able to meet students and teachers who use Science Techbook as a high interest, rigorous, inquiry based science curriculum.

Session Facilitator: Duane Waber Panel Participants: Collier County Public Schools, FL Educators and Students


11 AM

Build Your Lesson with the Discovery Education Techbook
Join the Discovery Education Techbook team as we build a media-infused lesson presentation that you can use in your classroom. This make-and-take session will give you practical examples that you may immediately use in the classroom. In addition, learn how you can share your newly created presentation with the Discovery Educator Network and receive a beautiful new lab coat.

Presenter: Patti Duncan


12 PM

Dr. Joe Krajcik, Michigan State University
Joseph Krajcik is director of the CREATE for STEM Institute and a faculty member in science education. A former high school chemistry and physical science teacher, Krajcik spent 21 years at the University of Michigan before coming to MSU in 2011.

His work during the past ten years has focused on working with teachers in science classrooms to bring about sustained change. Working closely with his colleagues at Michigan, graduate students, and teachers, he endeavores to create classrooms that focus on students collaborating to find solutions to important intellectual questions that subsume essential curriculum standards and use new technologies as productivity tools.

Dr. Krajcik’s goal is to create classroom environments where students are actively doing the intellectual work. His working prediction is that such educational environments will help learners develop deep understanding of content as well as strategies for generating new understandings. As such, he is interested in finding out what students learn in such environments. His interestes also include exploring the challenges that teachers face in enacting such complex instruction. His work is collaborative in nature, involving close working relationships with science teachers and school systems.


1 PM
Techbook at the Tip of Your Finger
Intrigued by this latest touch-based technology? Wondering how these new devices are reshaping the learning landscape of our schools? Join us as we explore techniques for building a mobile learning toolkit powered by Discovery Education. We’ll provide the latest updates for accessing Discovery Education Techbook content on mobile devices as we shift our student’s focus from consuming content to creating content on the iPad.

Presenter: Brad Fountain


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  1. Jodie Hardenbrook said:

    Mike, If I can get some of my teachers to participate can they get clock hours for participation?

  2. Sandi Dennis said:

    We are piloting Discovery Science this year and I am looking forward to this day! I’m hosting a drop-in get together at my house for my staff so we can learn from the experts! Thank you from Decatur, Georgia!

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