PETE&C DEN Star Spotlight Episode One

Over the past ten years I have been lucky enough to attend and present at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Conference and Expo.  It has really grown over the years.  PETE&C has attracted some great keynote speakers such as Jeff Corwin and Dan Pink.  This year the keynote speakers are Jonathan Strickland senior writer for and co-host of the popular podcast TechStuff , Aaron Sams pioneer in flipping the classroom and  co-author of  “Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day”, and Randy Wilhem  CEO of Knovation. The conference runs from February 10-13th and you can register at

I would like to highlight some of our DEN Stars who are presenting at the conference.  First up is Stephanie (Stevie) Kline and Joyce Mason. Unfortunately Joyce cannot attend this year so Stevie will be presenting solo.  Their presentation is STEAM Along with Leonardo, Albert, and Frank on Tuesday February 12th at 9:30 am in Cocoa Suite 5 session code EL13.  It is also one of the 24 that is being broadcast live from the conference.

Stevie and Joyce advertise their session as a chance to discover free and practical ideas, resources, and activities that use digital primary sources to actively immerse students in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematical concepts.( BYOL)  They state the purpose of this session is to provide examples of hands-on activities and to demonstrate how teaching with primary sources encourages a varied learning environment that emphasizes STEAM for teachers and students alike. Because primary sources are the essential building blocks of any culture’s history, teaching with them provides students with the opportunity to actively analyze, evaluate, and reflect upon information thus allowing them to construct their own understanding. Participants will analyze selected free digital materials, photographs, historical documents, audio and video recordings related to the work of Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstein, and Frank Lloyd Wright – which will provide the foundation for developing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematical) cross-curricular projects and activities.

Stevie and Joyce met while they were both part of Pennsylvania’s Classroom for the Future (CFF) initiative, Joyce as a CFF coach and Stevie as a CFF Intermediate Unit Technology Integration Mentor (TIM). Since then, they have been working together developing and presenting workshops to educators based on the resources of the National Archives and the Library of Congress.

They both have also been influenced by the work of Bernajean Porter and Dr. Lynell Burmark Bernajean on the art, purpose, and universal appeal of storytelling and the fact that writing a good story can “lift the spirits, spark creativity and imaginations while deepening content and technical skills” and Lynell on the importance and impact of using visual materials to help students retain what they learn. Primary sources can serve as, the building blocks for student created documentaries or docudramas, a springboard for writing prompts, or the deeper understanding of the past.

Stevie (Stephanie) Kline is a former middle school science, math, social studies and language arts teacher. She is currently the Technology Integration Mentor/Teacher Trainer for Intermediate Unit 1. She has presented numerous regional and state workshops on videoconferencing, technology integration, and visual literacy -Three Rivers Education and Technology Conference, Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference, and was a co-presenter with Joyce Mason at The One to One Computing Conference, NECC 2009 for the model lesson “Treasures of the National Archives Exploration: Learning with Primary Sources”, ISTE 2010 “Creating Student Sleuths: Primary Source Investigation BYOL”, the 2011 Pennsylvania School Library Association Conference, “Whispers from the Past: Look, Listen, Learn, Create” and~ the ISTE 2012 session “Straight from the Sources Mouth: Critical Thinking with Primary Sources”, Coordinator and a session facilitator for the regional Techapalooza a 21st Century Teaching and Learning Institute held annually ( Stevie is a  PIIC Mentor for IU1. She is also a Teaching with Primary Sources Ambassador for the Library of Congress and a STAR Discovery Educator.

Joyce Mason is a high school librarian and a former Pennsylvania Classrooms for the Future Coach. She has presented numerous workshops on information fluency, copyright, and lesson design for the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association and the Western Pennsylvania School Librarians Association. She works as an instructor for Intermediate Unit One and was a co-presenter with Stevie Kline at NECC 2009, ISTE 2010 and ISTE 2012, One-to-One Computing Conference, State College, Pennsylvania,Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference, and the 2011 Pennsylvania School Library Association Conference. She is a staff member for Intermediate Unit 1’s Techapalooza 2011 and 2012.~ She is also a TPS (Teaching with Primary Sources) Ambassador for the Library of Congress and a STAR Discovery Educator.


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