AP Calculus: Back to the Future!

I have traveled back in time to the 20th Century, teaching AP Calculus with a hard covered time machine, which had no support beyond the examples in each section and odd numbered answers.  I spent first quarter struggling to efficiently and effectively teach this advanced curriculum, knowing that the “future” held so much more support.  Although I immediately took advantage of some great 21st C resources like Discovery Education’s “The Calculus Tutor Series” and the AP Central website and some pretty incredible calculus  reference  iPad Apps, most of the daily work from the hard cover book was daunting.  Hours of preparation at home, trying to complete assignment problems before students while creating an effective lesson to explain the theory was only possible through accessing Discovery Education’s “The Calculus Tutor” video series and the tutoring app by Thinkwell featuring  Professor Berger and the free Larson ebook access had received at the AP Summer Institute.

By the time I had reached second quarter, I had left the hard cover book behind after finding the Larson ebook access has supported learners,  sharing all the solution steps to odd numbered problems, CalcChat.com.

After the significant 21st C relief my students and I experienced, we approached administration, requesting permission to explore the Larson AP Calculus 9e & Cengage resources further, with the option to switch class resources for the school year. I dug in further, participating in webinars provided by the publisher and networking with AP Educators from across the country, to gain insight as to what more 21st C learning support this resource would offer.

I am excited to announce that I am back from the past, and looking to the future with a new, excellent ebook Larson Edwards AP Calculus 9e. I am now empowered through these excellent resources to create exams relative to the AP exam in less than 3 hours as apposed to the 8+ hours I would spend vetting through old AP exams, searching for appropriate test problems.
The ebook includes applets throughout each chapter, demonstrating theories through visual animations and video segments featuring Dana Mosely.

I am so excited to be back to the future, and the future is now! My students will start 2013 with all new class resources and an apple TV to  efficiently share solutions during class while taking advantage of all our new daily tech resources provided by Larson Edwards.  We will have solutions for all problems in the ebook, online support, applets, videos, AP Test preparation materials vetted by chapter and so much more.  Calculus has not changed over time but more students and teachers will be successful through daily, quality 21st C. support… I am so glad Marshfield School District values 21st C learning! Now I have to complete my AP audit…

iPad Apps for Calculus:

Calculus FTW (Free)

Video Calculus ( thinkwell)

MathRef  ( Free version or paid version)

AP Exam Prep (Free)



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  1. Test Abhyas said:

    Wonderful transformation of technology. Worth implementing for IITJEE classes especially in remote areas.

  2. Jazz Lee said:

    Thanks for the post.
    Get the calculus tutoring through online and also get help for Limit,derivatives,integrals,functions and many more.Get it now with an expert tutor

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