Give The Comparative Growth Report a Try in 2013

Looking for a new trick to add to your educator toolbox for 2013. For those using Discovery Education Assessment, look no further than the Comparative Growth Report. This report is a fantastic way to maximize the quality of the inferences you can draw from the efforts of your students on the two tests they have taken so far this school year. On one hand, you can celebrate the achievements of those who performed admirably on the second test as compared to their expected score based on typical student growth. On the other, you can confirm suspicions regarding students whose performance was significantly below their expected values. Maybe a little boost can get them heading back the right direction. For a very quick and good 5-minute online tutorial click here, or go to your help tab and type “Comparative Growth” in the search bar. While you are at it, type a quick search in for “online tutorials” and see what else is available for Progress Zone, Benchmark Assessments, and all of your other Discovery tools.


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