Accomplishments and Tooting Your Horn

During the summer I am always so caught up on all my social media and everything that is going on.  I am sharing, gathering, and redistributing information that I learn.  During the first of the school year my social media has to take a break as I get back into the swing of school.  Well, I am now in the swings of second semester of school so I am back into my social media realm.

With that being said, there are SO many great things that are already being shared through the DEN blog, DEN twitter and so many other places.  Teachers are doing AMAZING things!  One thing that I have noticed though, is that teachers are doing great things and getting awards… but sometimes feel awkward tooting their own horn.  So, I have decided where I am going to take this blog.  I am going to be the horn tooter!

Did you just get named Teacher of the Month for your School?  Did you just win a grant for your classroom?  Have you been mentioned in the Newspaper?  You are doing great things! I want to be able to share them!  The possibilities are endless of the awesome things you are doing.  My hope is to catch you on twitter, Facebook, or other social media site and see all the great things you are doing and contact you for more information.  This of course will not happen.. so please email me at and I want to talk about you!

I look forward to sharing all of the amazing things this community is doing!