YOU Can Change the World

Do your students turn off the lights when they leave your classroom?  Is your cafeteria doing its best to recycle?  Do your school grounds need some help from weathering and erosion?  Do parents turn off their cars when they are awaiting students to be picked-up at the end of the day?

These are the types of questions that elementary classrooms all over the country have been asking…and answering.  As a part of the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, K-12 students are encouraged to work together to come solve an environmental problem in their Classroom & School (K-5), Community (6-8), or the World (9-12).  There are some pretty amazing things happening in classroom (take a look at some of the 2012 Challenge Winners).  

To learn more about the challenge and see how you can get started, visit or take a peek at last week’s Overview Webinar:


And for helpful tips and tools for working on projects, see the 7 Simple Ways You Can Change Your Classroom (and the World) webinar:


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