Digital Gradebooks Save You Time

The first semester is over.  Report cards have been sent home.  And many teachers have been comparing notes on how they put together their grades.  I have talked with a lot of teachers about the different grading apps, programs, and websites they use.

Now that we work in a very data-driven profession, I thought I would share a few for second semester.

iPad users have more than a few options.  One of the favorites in my school is GradeBook Pro.  It costs $9.99, but many teachers feel it’s worth it.  It has a lot of great feature, like being able to sort assignments by categories.  You can upload photos to your roster, which is handy if you teach multiple classes.  It also allows you to quickly create reports for grades and attendance which can be exported as PDFs, emailed to students or parents, or even exported to Dropbox.  It is very quick and easy to learn and master.

For software, teachers in my school like Easy Grade Pro.  EGP lets you easily keep track of grades and attendance.  It also allows you to create seating charts and print a wide variety of reports.  You can use traditional letter or percentage grades, or you can create your own custom codes and symbols.  Another very nice feature is the ability to move students (and their information and grades) to another class or section.

My personal favorite is a website called Engrade (  It’s a free website that allows me to set up multiple classes.  It also has an Apps section that lets me create quick online lessons, flashcards, wikis, and quizzes for students.  I also like it because it isn’t proprietary.  I can access it on my iPad, my Windows desktop, or my Android phone.  I can run a variety of reports and even track reading lists and discipline.

There are many more out there!  The benefit of these (and many many others) is the ability to quickly access student data.  Digital gradebooks can do the tedious work of averaging grades for you so you can focus on more important instructional needs. All teachers need time savers.  Digital gradebooks are one of the best!