New DEN contest: Get Yourself on Google Maps!

Last May we did a Day of Discovery in Edmonton and the day before as we were leaving the school we came across this odd looking vehicle.

Like the nerds we are, we grabbed our cameras and snapped away. Today, Mr. Dembo happened to check on this location and low and behold, we made it.

From left to right: Dean Shareski, Porter Palmer, Chad Lehman, Steve Dembo and Diane Lefebrve (DEN star from Edmonton Catholic who hosted the day)

Porter and DEaN got some bonus coverage down the street.



Seems like the obvious next step is to have a contest and see how many DEN members can get on to Google. Perhaps you’ll want to schedule a DEN event around following the car and photo bombing onto the streets. As you can see it takes great skill and a photogenic appeal to get on google. Or maybe not.






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  1. Sandy MacDougall said:

    That’s brilliant!!
    I thought faces would be more obscured. I’m sure the face recognition software and technology I see on TV’s Bones, CSI, etc. would easily match you up with all your online info and identities! Oh wait… am I mixing up reality and fiction? Hm… maybe that’s the topic of a blog post!

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