Thanks to DE for Supporting Our Eco-Challenge!

From mid-November to mid-December I ran an eco-challenge with three of my elementary schools.  I challenged my teachers and students to reduce their use of electricity, paper, and plastic in the classroom and at home.  For a month, they kept track of their daily habits on a spreadsheet and tallied their points for turning off classroom lights and SMARTboards, for bringing in reusable water bottles instead of cans or plastic bottles, and for reducing the amount of printed paper used.  Classes also received bonus points for special projects such as planting a tree, carpooling, making reduce/reuse/recycle posters, making a list of eco-friendly things that they can do at home (and actually trying them), and for being leaders of change in their community.  Bonus points were also given for using Discovery Education resources to learn about how they could be help our environment.  Teachers and students could watch video content from Discovery Education to learn about global warming, for example, or they could join the Siemen’s We Can Change the World Challenge to continue the learning and to earn mega-bonus points!

Of course, helping the environment is the greatest reward.  But, I must thank Discovery Education for also providing some wonderful prizes to the winning classes of the eco-challenge.  They received some eco-friendly bags from Siemen’s We Can Change the World Challenge and some eco-friendly notebooks from Discovery Student Adventures.  The 2nd and 3rd grade classes loved these gifts and others provided by Polar Bears International and Walmart.  Thank you so much for your support!


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