PETE&C DEN Star Spotlight Episode Four


This is the forth post in a series highlighting DEN Stars who are presenting at PETE&C February 10th -13th 2013.  In the third episode    60in60 App Attack presented by  Scott Snyder and Brandon Lutz was spotlighted. Their presentation will be Monday February 11th in the Trinidad room from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm session code CL07.

In this episode we will look at the The Creative Flip  presented by Drew Giorgi, Mary Schwander, and me (Tom McLaughlin).  The session will be Wednesday February 13th from 10:30am to 11:30 am in Magnolia A session code  LL09

Flipping the classroom is the topic of the year. See how you can use services like Google and Skydrive along with open source technologies, iPad Apps, and little used features of Mountain Lion OSX and Smart Notebook to make it easier to deliver content, focus on teaching and empower students to direct their own learning.

Over the last two years, New Hope-Solebury has been experimenting with a variety of technologies in different disciplines. Our discussion would address the use of these technologies in flipping the English and math classrooms and the role of the Library/Media center in this transformational project.

1. We would start with a short presentation that would outline the key facts about our district and the history of our integration of technology.
2. We will demonstrate tools that we have used in the classroom and show live examples of content being flipped. If we are scheduled at an opportune time, we may be able to show students working with the content.
3. We will offer a series of links for attendees to download some of the software we are using and elicit feedback from attendees who may have suggestions of software they have used that works very well for flipping the classroom.
4. All presentation information and all links will be available online for future reference.

The presentation will be a combination of demonstration of successful classroom examples and participation by attendees. Some attendees will want to visit sites, download software or participate in activities while others will be content to enjoy the guided tour of what our school is doing.

Drew has a master’s degree in Educational Technology from SJU.  Mary Schwander is a Google Certified Educator. I  have a master’s degree in  Educational Technology from Lehigh University. Drew is a certified 7-12 English teacher, a CFF teacher, a Keystone Integrator, and writes about education and technology for Local Living Magazine in the Greater Philadelphia area. Mary Schwander is a certified K-12 librarian, a Keystone Integrator, and a CFF coach. I am a NBCT math teacher, a DEN Star educator and blogger, and a computer programming instructor.  We have presented together and individually at PETE&C in prior years on Google Apps, Wikis, 7-12 Technology Collaboration, and Smartboards.

We expect the attendee to gain an understanding about how they can use different tools to flip their classroom content and empower their students to direct their own learning. We also hope they will want to download some of the software tools that will serve their needs best based on what they want to do and the devices they have.


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