Be part of the PETE&C Keynote

Our friend Jonathan Strickland from How Stuff Works has been invited to do the keynote address at this year’s PETE&C. We’ve talked to him about his presentation and he needs your help. He wants you to be a part of the session.



His presentation is about 3 main topics:

  • Data Explosion
  • Curation
  • Changing Intelligence

Here’s what Jonathan needs from our amazing community. He wants to share your thoughts during his presentation. So would you send us a quick video (30 seconds or less) answering 1 of these questions. Feel free to answer each of them, but it will be easier for Jonathan if each answer is separate.

  1. Data Explosion: How do you make sense of all the information out there about teaching and learning and where do go for information?
  2. Curation: What do you use to help your students curate?
  3. Changing Intelligence: What do you think is most important for your students to learn now?

Grab your phone or use your webcam to record. It need not be fancy with special effects or a green screen.  Just you and your insightful opinion.

Upload to DE Mediashare or YouTube and send me a link at . You can just add it to the comments if you’d like.



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