The Connected Community Contest

In today’s digital world, communities, and the people who make them up, are connected both locally and globally at the same time.   And while geography, time and distance may seemingly isolate one community from another; inevitably, changes in one community will eventually affect another.  At the same time while culture, language, jobs, and traditions may be different from community to community there are many similarities that our global community shares.

The Connected Community Contest, presented by Discovery Education and the Foundation for Rural Service, encourages students to compare and contrast their community with rural communities around the world. Through the power of broadband and Discovery Education, students can explore communities across the globe.  The grand prize is a $2,500 grant for technology in the classroom.

The Connected Community Contest is a teacher-led, student-focused program for grades 4-12. Teams will use Discovery Education Streaming digital media resources to research a rural community located anywhere in the world and create a video submission that demonstrates the similarities and differences between that community and their own. Along this journey, students will be exposed to relevant, engaging content tied to your state and common core standards, and put into practice the skills needed to shine in the 21st century.

The contest is now open.  For more information, eligibility guidelines, important dates, and rules information, visit the Connected Community Contest page.