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Beginning on time as any Discovery Education event does, Patti Duncan hosted the opening, noting she will share the honors with the DE Team. It looks like a really exciting day ahead of us. Chat room is open throughout with the DE Team and a “ton of DEN STARS” on hand live to assist our virtual viewing. After delivering some DE commercials, all contained in an image below, Patti reminded us we need to create a LiveStream account if you want to participate in the chat in the 10 PM Livestream. Click this link. To register for TB sessions: Register for TB Webinars
http://links.discoveryeducation.com/socialstudiestechbook. If you are looking for the Google Doc with all this information, click this link.

Our opening speaker, Lance Rougeux, noted that the TechBook is an engaging way for students to learn the common core concepts, and collaborating with the DEN community of educators is a wonderful opportunity to explore what we want for our students. For a wonderful teacher-created one-minute video about TechBooks in the classroom, click this link. Lance opened the discussion by asking what is text. The answers in the common core is about information, the place where students get information. Our job as educators: what do we do with this information. Take a look at this short video about “text.”

Students’ expectations of how and where they get their “information” is well illustrated. Another video about how content becomes information was shared.

All DE TechBooks are connected to Common Core interactive texts.Students can demonstrate independence with complex texts without scaffolding. A variety of types of interactive informational texts are contained in the Science TechBook. Many different supports do scaffold learning, but with the TechBook, students become self-directed, and it’s an interesting shift. The instructional model revolves around the 5 E’s in an inquiry-based experience. Because of the content setup in the instructional core, students build strong content core knowledge with application of that knowledge. See Gardner’s book on Five Minds.

What makes Lance’s opening presentation electric–he demonstrates the Science TechBook, giving us a window into the kind of instruction we can expect with this high-end flipped classroom techbook experience. Interdisciplinary, interactive inquiry, challenging. The way to learn and teach. Refine and share through speaking and writing. Check this short example, which happens to be a great clip from Lance’s wife, Martha’s classroom. Interesting point Lance makes: stop killing trees.

At the common core of sharing through speaking and writing is adapting the sharing for the audience, task, and purpose. Writing takes on multi-media expression in Glogs and Blogs, and not just the older tri-boards. Students love green screen work, and if you want to discover how to green screen with a Mac, check this link from Deb Thornus. Today students write from multiple perspectives, including the ubiquitous smart phone texting. FYI: if you want to watch a video on your iPad, click this link for information on how to view.

With the TechBook, students engage in open-minded open-ended questions. Students need to learn how to engage online in appropriate responses. TB encourages and teaches these skill sets as well just with daily use.

One of the most exciting new uses of the Science TechBook is the engineering lab. I just love this feature and so do the students because they create compelling evidence for problem solving, creative thinking, and interactive experiences in multiple content approaches. Effective searching, organizational skills, appropriate and exciting content, acquired efficiently let students acquire divergent, diverse perspectives. If you are not using the Science TechBook, you really want to pursue the possibility. As a DEN STAR, you have access to the TechBook to view and consider. I can tell you that watching Discovery Education develop true 21st century teaching and learning tools makes me wish I were back in the classroom.

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