Behind the Scenes at the Science Stream

Yesterday, we held our latest Discovery Education Science Techbook livestream event from Roosevelt High School in San Antonio, Texas.  These are fun events for the Discovery Education team that is involved, but not many people get a chance to see the prep work involved in pulling something like this off.  This time, we took a few pictures to show a some of the work that takes place before we go live on the air.

Our next Science Stream will take place on February 20, 2013 from Muskego, Wisconsin.  Mark your calendar and join us!

Did you notice the picture of the lab coat at the end of the video? Would you like your own?  We want to know how you’re using Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK with your students. More importantly, your colleagues want to know! Share your awesomeness with us by submitting a lesson presentation, and we’ll say thanks by sending you a stylish Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK lab coat. Learn more here!

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