Apply to Attend the DEN Summer Institute

The DEN Summer Institute has been scheduled for July 14-19 at the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT.

The main portion of this year’s application is a short  (unedited) video that tells your DEN story. We want to know about you and why you are part of the DEN. Tell us what the DEN means to you or why you joined. Talk to us on camera or have a colleague or student interview you. Let us know why you want to attend #DENSI2013.

While we treasure your mad skills with technology, for this we’re looking for who you are and your passion for connecting, sharing, and learning.

Find out more, see the rules, and apply here:

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  1. Tracie Belt said:

    Wow! I am really excited to apply for the Discovery Education Summer Institute. If you have never gone, take my advice and apply. This is the best professional development I have ever been too. I came back with ideas to use in my classroom, and a lot of knowledge of how to use tech in my classroom to engage my students. I will be applying and keeping my fingers crossed that I am selected to attend.

  2. Sara Badiner said:

    I am super excited to apply for this year’s DENSI! Last year, my first year, was absolutely mind-blowing. I sincerely hope I am selected again this year…

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  8. Deborah Thonus said:

    The DEN Summer Institute is the most fantastic learning and sharing opportunity you will ever have!!! If you love education, 21st century learning/teaching strategies, staying current with new ideas and technologies, collaborating with fellow educators, and sharing your own expertise I strongly suggest you apply to this once in a lifetime experience. My application is submitted, and I await April 1st with fingers crossed. Hope to see you in Vermont!

  9. Sheryl Roberts said:

    I am fairly new to the DEN and am on the LC for Virginia. I have never attended DENSI would LOVE to go. I have heard great things about it and hope I am chosen. DE is an amazing resource and has given me more professional development in just 1.5 years than all of my 15 years of teaching. It is the best resource out there. After I attend a webinar, I come away excited, inspired, and feel like I am going to pop! until I try out what I learned. I mention it so much in my class that my fifth graders have asked it I work for DE. I tell them no, but I love to share it with them and our staff. The enthusiasm is contagious!

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