New DEN STARS: Join the Rising STAR Program

Are you a new DEN STAR?  Consider joining the Rising STAR program. This optional, newly revamped 1 month program is designed for all new STARs to welcome them into the DEN and connect with this amazing community. Over the years the DEN has flourished into a wealth of information and resources and we want to ensure all new STARs take full advantage of what this community has to offer. The Rising STAR is designed to:

  • Assist new STARs in building connections within the DEN community
  • Build an awareness for the resources available to new STARs
  • Help new STARs become comfortable being an active member of the DEN

All participants will be grouped with new STARs and led by a DEN mentor. Throughout the month they will get to know one another and the global DEN community through a series of  “steps”. To give you an idea of what they will be doing, here are some of the steps:

1.Welcome to the DEN: Led by a DEN mentor, members of each Rising STAR cadre will get to know one another through a virtual meeting. They will also interact with one another through a private Edmodo group where the mentor will guide asynchronous discussions throughout the 6 steps.

2. Expanding your Professional Learning Network: This step will focus on the variety of ways in which new STARs can interact with the DEN. An introduction to DE’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts will be shared along with an overview of the DEN Blogs.

3. Discovering DE: There are hundreds of resources for new STARs and they often wonder-where should I start? This step walks them through some of the most popular resources such as archived webinars, DE Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, Techbook resources and more.

4. The Collective Brain: Every DEN member has something to share, and this step focuses on all of the amazing resources you have contributed to the DEN over the years. We have even created a “Collective Brain” playlist on our YouTube channel to highlight presentations from some of the DEN legends (yes Lance, we will make sure you are featured!)

5. Jumping into the Conversation: We want to ensure new STARs feel comfortable sharing with the DEN. This step outlines a variety of ways in which STARs can share content and resources with one another.

6. Becoming a DE Champion: This culminating step provides ideas and resources for new STARs to stay active and of course ways to show their pride by leveraging DE badges.

The Rising STAR program is being introduced to all new STARs in February! Of course this would not be successful without the help and support of the DEN community. We have over 20 Leadership Council members who are mentors for this program. We are excited about this new journey and we look forward to the connections it will build within the DEN.

If you would like to participate in the Rising STAR program, sign up HERE.


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