Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Another post from our Support team member, Kelsey Johnson!

Did you know that Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America?  February is National Heart Month, and we want to help you raise awareness in your classrooms. Discovery Education has several resources that can help you plan a lesson that could save someone’s life.

Check out some of our videos to inform you and your students on the disease. The video segment “Risk Factors for Heart Disease” does a great job of explaining the factors that put you at greater risk for heart disease.

Get creative and add some exercise into your lesson plans! You can start the lesson off with a quick video segment about heart rate, and do various activities to get their heart rates up. The video segment “Heart Rate & Health” shows how students can check their own heart rate.


Let’s get moving and tell us how your healthy heart lesson plans go! 



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  1. Coaching said:

    A good place to get started on your clean eating journey is to start putting more water into your body. We often underestimate the benefits of drinking water and even go as far as considering other liquids to be equivalent to drinking water. This myth needs to be put to rest! All liquids are not water and they cannot be used by your body the same way water can be. Juice contains sugars, coffee contains caffeine, milk contains fats and proteins, and the list goes one. All these need to be assimilated by your body differently than plain water does. Keep in mind that the body is mostly composed of water.

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