Apply to Be A Class of 2013 DEN Guru

The DEN community is full of talent. Every STAR has his/her own special talents, skills, and passion for utilizing digital content across the curriculum. We want to continue to provide opportunities for STARs to share their knowledge with the community so we established the DEN Guru program.

DEN Gurus are STAR Discovery Educators who possess expertise in one or more pedagogical topics (e.g., Differentiated Instruction, Project Based Learning, etc.), have demonstrated their expertise through a variety of professional experiences, and advocate for the meaningful integration of Discovery Education digital content across their area(s) of expertise.

Through a competitive application process, up to 5 DEN Gurus are selected each year. DEN Gurus are promoted throughout the community as thought leaders in the educational field and have the opportunity to share their expertise in a variety of ways.

The application window is now open. Share your talents with the DEN. Learn more and apply to be a class of 2013 DEN Guru.




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