Digital Learning Day Smackdown

Last night we hosted a DEN Digital Learning Day “Smackdown” via Google Hangout. My distinguished panel included DEN Team members Chad Lehman, Dean Shareski, Jannita Demian, Steve Dembo; Leadership Council members Christelle Patselas and Sheila Fredericks; and DEN STAR Therese Conner. We started with a discussion around why digital learning is important and what it means to us.We also shared some of the things we observed or participated in to celebrate Digital Learning Day. Then came the “Smackdown” where each panelist had to share their favorite digital tool and explain how they use it and why they like it. Dean was kind enough to facilitate the smackdown awarding points and taking some away if we bent the rules (Jannita!!).

We had a blast sharing some of our favorite resources and we want to be sure to share all of them with you. If you missed the live broadcast you can watch the archive below. We also developed a Wallwisher where we posted the tools we shared during the hangout. You can view the wall here:

As much as we enjoyed celebrating Digital Learning Day, it is important to remember that learning and digital go hand in hand. Although it’s nice to have a day to celebrate how we teach and learn in digital ways, we should strive to make every day digital learning day.

I would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to my panelists as well as those of you who joined us live to comment and share. To quote our very own Princess Porter, as a community we need to remember to always “support each other, share our successes, and stay connected”. We would love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite digital tools and resources? How do you engage your students through the use of digital media? What’s your success story? What support do you need?

Thank you for making the DEN the community that it is. Enjoy the Hangout!



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