Sharing Digital Learning for #DLDay

I had a chance to visit one of the schools in my former district yesterday for Digital Learning Day. The library media specialist, and DEN member, Julie Smith, contacted us about her event and the message made it’s way to me. I headed over to Lincoln Intermediate School in West Allis, Wisconsin, to see what her middle school students were sharing. As I walked into the gym, she was setting up tables around the outside, probably about 25, that would serve as the stations for the students. She explained to me that the students chose some type of project to share that centered around using technology for their learning. Some students chose to share about how they are using Minecraft, others talked about Skype. Some shared information about photo editing and some sites that are great for altering images while others focused their projects on Moodle, stop motion animation, or web site building.

















Each student or pair of students put together a display board, above, sharing their learning and then had a laptop or iPad to demonstrate their digital learning. I didn’t have a chance to stick around and listen to all of the presentations, but several School Board members, the Superintendent, and many other students and teachers were walking around viewing the projects. Julie mentioned this was the first time she’d done anything like this, but from what I saw, it was a huge success.

What did you do for Digital Learning Day? How did you share your experience?




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