How Awesome is Jared Heidinger?

I’ve mentioned DEN STAR Jared Heidinger before but want to reiterate and share his simple idea of connecting his students with people all over the world and at the same time deal with the rather mundane but necessary task of having his students learn vocabulary for their provincial exams.
Jared explains his idea of the homework chopper.

So Jared’s students get introduced to many people and places and at the same time get a unique way of getting a list of vocabulary words. Here are a few of Jared’s guests including yours truly.

While this isn’t the most transformative use of technology as Jared freely admits but it is in it’s own way a brilliant use of the web and video to connect his learners to people and places. I’d encourage you to take the concept of Jared’s idea here and use it for your own purposes.

A local news station did a story on Jared.



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