I Am a Logophile

A logophile is a lover of words (http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/logophile).   That is definitely me and it is not coincidence that I love to read also.   Vocabulary and reading certainly go together and help strengthen each other.  So what are some ways to strengthen vocabulary?  Here are a few ideas:

Discovery Streaming includes vocabulary development as part of its English Language Arts subject area (Reading).  A few samples:

  •  for younger grades, check out Word Girl or the Whaddaya Know Quiz show series
  •  for middle grades, try the Alien Word Mine series or try Perfect: Vocabulary for ways to help them improve their vocabulary
  •  for high school, the offerings include plenty of SAT vocabulary preparation resources.

Some posts with recommended apps are:

  • http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/5-free-vocabulary-building-apps-worth-checking-out
  • http://www.readingrockets.org/teaching/reading101/vocabulary/literacyapps_vocabulary/
  • http://www.writeshop.com/blog/2012/09/17/5-top-vocabulary-building-apps/
  • http://www.android4schools.com/2012/09/25/word-learner-a-nice-android-app-for-building-your-vocabulary/
  • http://www.iear.org/iear/tag/vocabulary

Ebooks for vocabulary include plenty of dictionaries and thesauruses, but here are a few more suggestions:

  • The Weighty Word book by Paul M. Levitt, etal
  • Grammar Girl’s 101 Troublesome Words You’ll Master in No Time by Mignon Fogarty
  • The SAT Word Slam: Rhyme Your Way to a Better Vocabulary and Higher SAT and ACT Scores by Jodi Fodor
  • Barron’s Painless Vocabulary by Michael Greenberg

Finally, what vocabulary games are on my iPad?

  •  7 Little Words — use the tiles to find the words that fit the definitions
  •  Word Monsters — use the letters in the grid to finish the common words and phrases
  •  Rhymie Stymie — find the rhyming word pair to fit the definition given

Logophiles, share the love with your students!




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  1. Howard Martin said:

    Betsy, I’m guessing that my WordWithFriends game would improve dramatically after using your resources! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Betsy Ruffin said:

    For users of Spelling City: ” there is an app for that”. It let’s you login and create lists.

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